Design and Definition

Ola Precast is with your team from the beginning of the project.

Any project begins with design, and Ola Precast is ready to help! With full CAD-based prototyping capabilities, Ola Precast is with you from the first concept discussion. Let us help you model your design and then transfer that concept to our structural and civil engineering partners, line up your key contractors, and get your project off and running.


From approval and detail drawings, [to] manufacturing and delivery, Ola Precast was very professional as well as on schedule. The workmanship was without doubt above expectations.

Darryl Doty, General Manager, IPT


Concrete Production

Automated, tested, and tracked processes for consistently high quality product.

Once engaged, our rigorous quality control begins. Aggregates and additives are purchased for known suppliers and stored in a dedicated, climate-controlled facility. We run our own batch plant, with computer-controlled mixing and precision ingredients. Concrete samples are regularly tested for durability and analyzed by an outside engineering team for verification.


[Ola] produce a consistently quality product. This has been achieved by storing the raw concrete materials indoors, automating the mixing process, and additional testing of any new design.

Ryan Smith, Staff Geologist


Panel Production

State of the art magnetic form systems allow for precision dimensioning and tolerance.

In our panel production facility, concrete is poured into configurable magnetic form arrays, capable of producing panels of various shapes and sizes. The facility is climate controlled with in-floor heating for optimal drying. Electronic winch and track systems installed throughout the plant transfer completed panels to specialized trailers for on-site staging or customer delivery.

We incorporate Thermomass Insulation Systems to provide the highest in thermal and moisture protection with our integrally insulated panels. Ask about an Energy Savings Analysis to compare building types!

Textures and Finishing

Precast concrete offers almost unlimited possibilities in custom finishes.

Whether matching the aesthetics of an existing structure, or trying to acheive a specific look and feel, precast concrete provides an enormous number of finish options. Panel interiors and exteriors can be stamped to add logos, designs, patterns, or textures. Finished concrete can also be stained or embedded with aggregate, and multiple finishes can be combined for a unique look.

More examples of texture and finish options in "Past Projects."